#thethuesdaybook: “Alfie the Doorstep cat” by Rachel Wells

#thethuesdaybook: “Alfie the Doorstep cat” by Rachel Wells

From the “Quarantined reading tips” section

Thursday 30 April 2020

Article by Sarah Tripepi

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ladanzadeilibri/?hl=it

Welcome back to the last appointment with my reading tips for this quarantine! As a last piece of advice, I could not leave you with a single book, which is why I decided to tell you about an entire series starring the same irreverent and funny character, the kitten Alfie.

Alfie is an extraordinary cat, courageous and loyal, always ready to face a new adventure and above all always ready to help those in difficulty, obviously in his feline way! The first novel, “The cat who fixed hearts” was a great success and I don’t have a hard time believing it …

The writer Rachel Wells, as a good lover of books and cats, in my opinion could not do a better job, perfectly mixing these two elements, thus giving her readers light but never trivial books, full of positive feelings such as loyalty, courage. , self-confidence, love and above all friendship, all seasoned with a good dose of fun.

In this series of books, which I advise you to read in order for a better understanding of the background of each character, we are witnessing a growth by all the characters present in the first novel, an element that will allow you to empathize with each of them, and to become attached to their stories, but we also see the appearance of completely new and always well-characterized characters.

Alfie is initially a house cat, who loves his mistress, but who suddenly, upset by a tragic event, is forced to leave his comfortable armchair forever to find himself lost like a stray cat through the streets of London. He will face many challenges and many dangers, to land on Edgar Road, a residential neighborhood that is home to delightful villas and many green spaces.

But no one at the moment seems to care about his arrival, because as we know, humans are often too lost in their thoughts and problems to take a look at their surroundings; but one of the characteristics of Alfie is that he never gives up, which is why thanks to his ability to understand humans perhaps even more than they do themselves, he decides to get noticed at all costs, starting to solve their disturbances with purr, cunning plans and a lot of sweetness.

Alfie is a character that you will follow with pleasure and who will keep you company as a faithful friend. Always committed to a new mission, he will take care of his two-legged friends, definitively eliminating the prejudice against cats of being selfish, lonely and not inclined to sincere affection.

I wish you a good read and do not forget the follow-up: “The cat who taught to be happy”, “The cat that gave good humor”, “The cat that gave joy”, “The cat that helped to find new friends”.

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