Victor Osimhen: goal-scudetto on the same day the Cutro Decree was approved

Victor Osimhen, Napoli’s football player, height 186cm, weight 78kg, Nigerian nationality.

It could be the story of any young African but Victor Osimen is much more: Victor Osimhen is the footballer who on the evening of May 4 2023, at the Dacia Arena, scored against Udinese, thus allowing Napoli to win their third scudetto after 33 years.

Just two months after the shipwreck of Cutro, where many immigrants died due to the choise of the Italian government, it is very bizarre to think that the fate of a city and of a club depended on a boy of African origins (or, borrowing someone’s words, on a “young, handsome and also tanned”), and yet it was.

Even more bizarre is the fact that on the same day both the enthusiasm for the victory of Napoli and the discouragement for the approval of the ‘Cutro decree’ in the Chamber coexisted.

Thus we are witnessing, on the one hand, a government which with the peculiarity of its decrees pushes immigrants to irregularity and marginalization and on the other hand the rise of Victor Osimhen, who thanks to his talents has contributed to the realization of a dream in all respects Italian.

No one can establish what the future of the nation will be and it would be unrealistic to think that rights can be won with goals, however the epic of Naples, and the relative presence of Victor Osimhen, makes it clear to most that a strong wind of change is blowing .



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